One Video

One video clip speaks louder than 1000 written words

One video clip speaks louder than 1000 written words. If you have not augmented your brand promise
and content with video clips, you may be missing out. While you can get almost anyone to produce
these clips, you need a video script writer who is also an expert healthcare writer to write your content.
Dear healthcare video production company! You already specialize in visuals. Now, your medical videos
deserve top-notch medical voiceover scripts written by a specialist who knows healthcare inside-out.
Dear healthcare provider! We’re in the audio-visual age. Spice up those words on your webpage with
engaging explainer videos. Your healthcare consumers deserve accurately conveyed health and wellness
information in those videos. Let me help you write the script.
You will get a script that subtly reinforces your marketing and branding messages. Of course, the title
and description information are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enhanced.
What’s more, the price is affordable!
As an example, watch this video from The Kingdom Catalyst Magazine. I provided the voiceover script
along with art direction for the animator.